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Thursday, 16 July 2015 ·

A couple of months ago, in an attempt to save some money I decided to cancel my gym membership and instead try out some at home workouts and finally get some use out of the exercise bike which had previously served only as a clothes horse in the corner of our living room. 

It's taken a while to find a routine that works for me and I can assure it's still far from perfect but I've found a select few workouts that seem to work for me and I genuinely enjoy - I never thought I'd see the day. 

This is a quick and easy work out so it perfect for fitting into your busy day. It works pretty much every muscle group in your body and gets your heart rate going too! It also needs no equipment other than a chair which means there really are no excuses! I have Anna Saccone Joly to thank for introducing me to Lucy's YouTube channel! 

Although this isn't technically a 'challenge' in the more typical sense in that it is laid out in a way that you increase the number of reps you do each day, it is super easy to adapt it to make it more like this. Having said that, I've just been doing the full 100 reps every 2 days, with the above workout on the in between days. If, however, you wanted to do the squats everyday it might work well to do it every day and increase your number of reps each day. 

Now, yoga is one of those things I've always really wanted to enjoy and be good at - it just looks so graceful - and so when I discovered Adriene's YouTube channel (through Vivianna Does Makeup) I just had to give it a go. I'm still pretty limited in my yoga skills and flexibility but I've taken to doing 30-60 minutes of yoga on days when I just can't face a more 'energetic' workout. 

Last but not least I also try and go on the exercise bike 2/3 times a week as a more traditional form of cardio. Usually I do 15km in around 25 minutes, so not super quick but quick enough to get my heart rate up and a good sweat going! 

Don't get me wrong I know this isn't exactly the most hardcore workout routine and I could definitely up my game but I've only really been getting into the groove with it in the last month and as it stands this is working for me. 

What are your favourite workouts to do at home? 

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